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The Reason Why The Bearing Cage Is Broken

In general, the bearing under reasonable working conditions, the cage will not be damaged, but in the daily production of the wrong operation will reduce the life of the bearing cage, the following we look at the reasons to promote the bearing cage fracture.

2.Bearing lubrication problems

Bearing operation in a lean state, easy to form adhesive wear, the working surface of the state deteriorated, adhesive wear caused by tearing objects easy to enter the cage, the cage to produce abnormal load, may cause the cage fracture.

2.Bearing creep phenomenon

Creep multi-finger ringing phenomenon, the mating surface in the case of insufficient amount of interference, due to sliding the load point to move in the direction of the surrounding, resulting in the ring relative to the shaft or shell to the circumferential direction of the phenomenon of deviation.

3.Bearing cage abnormal load

Installation is not in place, tilt, the excess amount is too large and so easy to reduce the gap, increased friction heat, the surface softening, premature abnormal peeling, with the expansion of peeling, peeling foreign body into the cage hole, resulting in cage Operation block and produce additional load, exacerbating the wear of the cage, so the deterioration of the cycle, it may cause damage to the cage.

4.Bearing cage material defects

Cracks, large pieces of different metal inclusions, shrinkage, bubbles and riveting defects nails, pad or two half cage with the surface of the gap, serious riveting, etc. may cause damage to the cage.

5.Bearing the invasion of foreign bodies

Foreign hard foreign body or other impurities in the invasion of things, exacerbated the wear of the cage.

We understand the reasons for the fracture of the bearing cage, in the future when using imported bearings to avoid these problems to ensure that the equipment can run properly.