Most-Cost-Effective or Nothing

Shandong UXG Bearing Manufacturing co.,Ltd. specializes in designing and producing high quality spherical roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. The company is one of the largest spherical roller bearing manufacturers in small and medium sizes in China.

Innovating,Precising and Acting is the guarantee and driving force for the development of the company. It set up high precision turning and grinding production lines,four Isothermal Spheroidizing annealing furnaces,three salt-bath quenching furnaces and precision roller production lines;It is fully equiped with all the necessary inspection equipment. And it strictly follow the quality management system of TUV ISO9001:2008,all the products and production design could be monitored and tracked.

As one of national standard drafting units,the products of the company are appraised as "excellent products" in the national bearing industry inspection.And the got high praise from customers in the application of blower machine,vibrating screen,steel factory and mining industry.It is one of the listed company recommanded by China Metallurgy Association.

How UXG Bearing is Manufactured